Alpha Xi Delta

Iota Omega at The College of New Jersey

Recruitment Schedule

We are so excited that you have chosen to become a part of the TCNJ family, and even more excited that you are considering going Greek! Your involvement within the TCNJ Greek Community will lead to the best years of your life and help you realize your potential as a student, an individual and as a future professional. Recruitment at The College of New Jersey is an experience you will never forget, filled with new frienships and a lifetime of memories. Of course, it's a busy and sometimes nerve-racking time for everyone involved. The sisters of Alpha Xi Delta are looking forward to meeting you and wish you the best of luck throughout recruitment!

Below is an overview of how recruitment will go...

Fall Information Sessions

In the fall, you will have the opportunity to attend a variety of events through the Inter-Greek Council and Panhellenic Association. These include Rush TCNJ and Meet the Sisters, as well as the Student Activities Fair. In addition, sororities tend to have a few information sessions throughout the fall semester, so keep an eye out for all of these great events!

Formal Recruitment Rounds

In the spring when we get back from winter break, you will have the opportunity to participate in the formal recruitment process. During this time you will meet all the different Panhellenic organizations on campus and begin your journey to find your home at TCNJ!

Formal recruitment is done across five days which include the following:

Round Robin: During the first round, you have the opportunity to meet with all the different panhellenic organizations on campus!

Philanthropy: During the second round, each chapter will explain their philanthropy and tell you how they get involved in different events related to their philanthropy throughout the year!

Meet the Sisters: During the third round, you will have the opportunity to really understand each chapter's personality and get to meet more of the sisters in each chapter. Oftentimes you will learn what sisters love most about their chapter!

Preference Day: Preference day is the final round before bid day and is a much more serious round compared to the other days of formal recruitment. During this time, what you will learn varies by chapter; however, you will likely hear about how each chapter has changed the lives of the sisters you meet.

Bid Day: On bid day, you have the opportunity to accept a bid from a chapter and begin your journey as a sorority member at TCNJ. Bid day is a fun event where each new member jumps into the awaiting arms of their new sisters, welcomed into their new home.

Realize Your Potential.

Go Greek.